Congratulation to the "LAND OF BEAUTY & BOUNTY" contingent for winning 1st place in the Free Interpretation category of Cebu City's Sinulog Festival!




  1. The contest is open to all high school students of every municipality in the Province of Lanao del Norte.


  1. Each contingent should be composed of a minimum of twenty (20) and a maximum of forty (40) members to include the props and back up dancers.


  1. Participants should be at least 13 to 17 years old.


  1. Every participating team is required to have a presentation of minimum of five (5) minutes but should not exceed ten (10) minutes to include entrance & exit.


  1. The committee has prepared official timer to take note of the time consumed by each group.


  1. Any person brings with him a stopwatch shall not be entertained.


  1. Every extra minute of every presentation is a two (2) point deduction from the over-all result.


  1. Timer starts as soon as the contingent’s name is called.


  1. The committee shall prepare 3 flaglets with colors red, yellow & green. Upon calling the name of the team, the green flag shall be raised which means that the time has already started. The yellow flag shall be raised when the time reaches up to five (5) minutes that serve as a warning. And the red flag shall be raised when the time reaches up to ten (10) minutes.


10)  Each team is given two (2) minutes to prepare their props and other two (2) minutes to take away from the ground.


11)  Every contingent is given the leeway to use any music as long as it is lively.


12)  Tapes and CD’s should be prepared ahead of time to avoid delay.


13)  The use of props is requisite to the competition because it adds color to the presentation.


14)  The committee allows the use of flying stunts, lift-ups and other acrobatic movements. The use of fireworks is strictly prohibited.


15)  It is not necessary to use expensive costumes but each group should only make sure that their costume is presentable and there is harmony in blending of colors.


16)  Each presentation will be judge according to the following criteria to wit:



Choreography                                                           - 25%


  • Formation
  • Variation of Steps


Mastery                                                                      - 20%


  • Coordination
  • Rhythm
  • Discipline


Costume                                                                     - 20%


  • Blending of Colors
  • Design


Props                                                                          - 15%


  • Appropriation of Accessories
  • Colors


Over-all impact                                                          - 20%

TOTAL          100%

17)  Of all participating team only three (3) will be proclaimed as winners with the following prizes to wit:



1st -           P 30,000.00

2nd -              25,000.00

3rd -              20,000.00


18)  The 50,000.00 consolation prize shall be divided equally to all non-winning participating teams.


19)  The competition will be done on July 01, 2011 from 8:00 – 12:00 in the morning at MCC Stadium.


20)  Judges decision is final and irrevocable.


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